Helping SEND students become successful, independent learners

SEND Support

Many students we help have a specific learning difficulty such as dyslexia, ADD or dyspraxia. One-to-one SEND support allows the space and creativity to tailor lessons to a student’s needs.

Our SEND experience:

Our tutors have been providing SEND support to pupils for many years. Tutors provide both home schooling and teach as academic subject tutors.

Tutors receive training and guidance from our in-house SEND specialist, Sarah Cox. They learn how best to support students with a variety of needs. We work collaboratively to deliver the best possible support for each student.

We’ve highly skilled tutors who have been providing dyslexia tutoring, and academic support for neurodiverse students over the past twenty years.

We work in conjunction with school SENDCos and learning support teachers. We ensure school work is consolidated at home or in school. This is vital for students with working memory difficulties, who struggle to focus in a classroom. It is also helpful for those who need support with organisation skills.

Osborne Cawkwell Tuition are proud Organisational Members of the British Dyslexia Association. We were shortlisted for Organisational Member of the Year 2019. This recognised our work supporting dyslexic students and providing in-house training to our tutors. In addition, we also work with a superb network of accredited assessors and advisers.

How can SEND tuition help?

SEND students are often verbally bright and find it frustrating to get their ideas down on paper. Most SpLD students learn in a way that does not fit into the usual academic setting.

Additional support may include literacy, dyslexia tutoring, study skills, planning, organisation, exam techniques and subject-specific guidance.

One-to-one tuition is beneficial for students with SpLDs. Lessons are tailored to the individual learner. Multi-sensory teaching techniques are used and attention is paid to the student’s specific needs. We aim to encourage intrinsic motivation by improving proficiency and ability in lessons.

Tutors allow students the freedom of choice and autonomy where possible. They encourage students to take ownership of a task. Our core purpose is to enable students to become successful, independent learners.

Our SEND support ethos

We believe passionately that every individual has their own special talents and strengths. This is ​because of their learning difference, ​not in spite of it.

A learning difference does not define who a person is. It merely helps us to facilitate learning in the best way possible. We achieve this by providing highly effective SEND tutoring and crucially, emotional wellbeing support.

For students who require structured phonics teaching, we have a team of accredited dyslexia teachers. Due to the nature of neurodiversity, SpLDS often co-occur. These tutors also have a wealth of experience working with students with learning differences including dyspraxia, ADHD and ASD.

“Our approach to SEND support is effective, collaborative and always working with the student voice centre-stage. Osborne Cawkwell tutors enable students to be heard, encouraged and celebrated.”

To find out more about SEND support, download our guides below.

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