Helping SEND students become successful, independent learners

SEND Support

SEND support helps students who have Specific Learning Differences (SpLDs) such as dyslexia, ADD or dyspraxia. One-to-one SEND support allows the space and creativity to tailor lessons to a student’s individual needs.

Our SEND experience:

The SEND tutors on our books have been providing support to students for many years. Tutors provide both home schooling and teach as academic subject tutors.

Tutors benefit from our SpLDs training course as well as ongoing guidance from our in-house SEND specialist, Sarah Cox. Our training provides practical guidance on the main Specific Learning Differences and how, as tutors, we can adapt our tutoring to meet the needs of each individual student. We work collaboratively to deliver the best possible support for each student.

“Even his teacher at school has commented on the remarkable improvement in his reading, spelling and writing in this short time. And best of all, I can see him gaining confidence and feeling more happy in himself. I highly recommend Osborne Cawkwell.”

– Mother of Dyslexic son

Our SEND Tutors:

  • Highly skilled SEND tutors are experts in their academic subjects with additional SEN training and knowledge. The support they provide caters for the learning needs of each individual student
  • We have OCR Level 5 and Level 7 dyslexia specialist teachers for those students requiring cumulative, multi-sensory teaching
  • We have SEND tutors trained and experienced in helping students on the Autistic Spectrum
  • SEND tutors enable students to become successful, independent learners by giving guidance on study skills, planning, organisation, exam techniques as well as subject-specific support 

We work in conjunction with school SENDCos as well as learning support teachers. We ensure school work is consolidated at home or in school. This is vital for students with working memory and other processing difficulties, who struggle to focus in a classroom. It is also helpful for those who need support with organisation skills.

Osborne Cawkwell Tuition are proud Organisational Members of the British Dyslexia Association. We were also shortlisted for Organisational Member of the Year 2019. This recognised our work supporting dyslexic students and providing in-house training to our tutors. In addition, we also work with a superb network of accredited assessors and advisers.

“Our approach to SEND support is effective, collaborative and always working with the student voice centre-stage. Osborne Cawkwell tutors enable students to be heard, encouraged as well as celebrated.”

Our SEND support ethos:

We believe passionately that every individual has their own special talents and strengths. This is usually ​because of their learning difference, ​not in spite of it.

A learning difference does not define who a person is. It merely helps us to facilitate learning in the best way possible. We achieve this by providing highly effective SEND tutoring and crucially, emotional wellbeing support.

To find out more about SEND support, download our guides below.

Special Educational Needs Tutor

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