Supporting students retaking GCSE and A Level exams

Retaking GCSEs and A Levels

Retaking GCSEs and A levels can be a frustrating process. Often well-considered plans have to be put on hold while extra revision is factored into continuing studies or work.

Why retake GCSE and A levels?

Studying one-to-one with a private tutor gives the support and motivation students need to retake GCSE and A level exams with confidence.

Retaking GCSEs gives students the grades needed for sixth form entrance – or indeed the grades required to apply for a job. Retaking A levels allows students to gain the university place of their choosing or progress confidently to the next stage in their lives.

How tuition helps those retaking exams

Private tutors enjoy supporting students retaking GCSE and A levels as lessons are focussed and tailor-made to the student. Perhaps a student’s essay writing has let them down and if so, this can be the focal point of the tuition. Maybe an entire module is a mystery due to the student missing school; or the student was unmotivated by their original teacher, so was not inclined to work as hard as was needed.

Consequently, working with a tutor is a reassuring and straightforward way to retake GCSE or A levels. And it may even be that the students achieve higher grades than their original predictions!

A private tutor will work around the student’s schedule. Tutors offer lessons during the day, in the evenings or at weekends. And if the student’s school or college does not offer resits we can help you find a college that can (Please note that it is not often possible to retake coursework, oral or practical modules).

Can you help with exam registration?

We also help with exam registration. We are on hand to clear up any confusion and work out module and certification codes.

Get in touch to find out how we can help support your child retaking an exam

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