Providing free one-to-one tuition for Ark Schools students

Pro-Bono Tuition

Each year we are delighted to provide pro-bono tuition to ARK Schools students.

The private tutors on our books offer pro-bono tuition to help students achieve their predicted grades in order to match their offers from Oxford and Cambridge Universities. These students are mostly from disadvantaged backgrounds for whom the cost of private tuition is often prohibitively expensive. We are proud to offer our services and experience free of charge.

Pro-Bono tuition for ARK Schools:

  • In 2020 we helped 15 students
  • In 2021 we helped 7 students  (6 of whom gained entry to both Oxford and Cambridge universities)
  • So far in 2022 we have been asked to help 12 students 

What the students say:

“The support students have received has been hugely impactful. Students have told us that their private tutors were fantastic, explained things really clearly and enabled them to make a lot of progress. We also received feedback from a school teacher who was present during one of her student’s tutoring sessions that the tuition was very high quality.”

What ARK Schools say:

“Osborne Cawkwell has provided free one-on-one tuition to students from Ark Schools who have received offers from Oxford or Cambridge. Our schools are non-selective state-maintained academies and 42% students are from disadvantaged backgrounds (eligible for the Pupil Premium). In 2020, 15 students from 7 different Ark schools were provided with tutoring in the A level subject they felt most in need of support with. A similar number were also supported in 2019.

Despite the cancellation of A level exams during the pandemic, Osborne Cawkwell offered to continue tutoring our students as planned. The online tutoring provided has been a great support mechanism for students during periods of school closures and academic disruption.

“I would really recommend Osborne Cawkwell to other schools looking for tutoring support for their students.”

Osborne Cawkwell has also been very mindful of the challenges that students from disadvantaged backgrounds may face outside of school and the impacts these can have on engagement with tuition. For instance, last year we had problems with some of our students failing to turn up for their tutoring sessions. This was due to family responsibilities, part time jobs being juggled alongside A levels, or poor communication on the students’ side. Osborne Cawkwell was very understanding of this. They have worked together with us to overcome these issues by adapting how we communicate attendance expectations to students signing up for tutoring.

We have been really grateful for Osborne Cawkwell’s support and very impressed with the pro-bono tuition provided. I would really recommend Osborne Cawkwell to other schools looking for tutoring support for their students.”

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