Ensuring your child takes every advantage of learning at home

Home School Tutor

Every year several families engage a home school tutor for their child.

A home school tutor is beneficial to those who aren’t in mainstream education due to illness, exclusion, learning differences, family situations – or simply a parent’s choice.

How we can help home school your child

With years of experience, we are exceptionally good at assessing what works best for your child. We bring together a team of excellent home school tutors to create a timetable that supports and nurtures your child while he or she is being home educated.

We arrange home schooling in London, the UK and abroad. Home education lasts from a few days, to a term or even a year. Some clients requiring home schooling in London want a few hours each week, whilst others may ask for a daily schedule involving 4 to 6 tutors.

As one-to-one tuition is much more intensive than being in a classroom, a child does not ‘need’ 7 hours a day. We often find that 3 to 4 hours a day of home education is enough to cover the required ground.

Who do we help

We advise families with children working towards GCSEs and A levels, as well as younger students who need a home school tutor. We put together a timetable covering as many subjects as needed and help with exam registration if your child is entering public exams.

  • Kate had to take time away from school due to family issues in Year 11. As this was such a vital time in her studies, her parents arranged tutoring for when she was at home.

Kate excelled with a one-to-one private tutor. She not only kept up to speed with her peers, but achieved better grades at GCSE than predicted.

  • Ryan fell ill in Year 13 and was withdrawn from school. His family asked us to home school him in three subjects so he could sit his A levels.

We arranged four hours a week of tuition in each subject. This allowed Ryan to consolidate material he had already learnt. It also gave him the time to do extension work and become a stronger student.

Having time at home also helped him to make a full recovery from his illness. Ryan is now studying at a Russell Group university.

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