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Private Tutor Fees

For in-person tuition up to A Level in London, our private tutor fees range from £55* to £70*.

Private tutor fees depend on the level of experience of the tutor. Depending on where you and the tutor live, there may also be a travel charge (typically £3.50 to £11) but this will be calculated once we have a tutor for you.

Online tuition is usually £5 less per hour than in-person lessons and group tuition is normally £15 more per hour than one-to-one tuition.

SAT and GMAT tuition starts at £105* per hour.

Residential/live-in tuition starts at £80* per hour for a minimum of four hours of tuition per day. We also ask that the client provide bed and board for the private tutor as well as cover the cost of their travel to and from the place of tuition.

Should we need to replace a tutor because the tuition isn’t going well (and we can’t resolve the issue), of course, we won’t charge another Introduction Fee.

*All hourly private tutor fees include a £15** admin fee to Osborne Cawkwell Tuition.

Registration Fee

For families new to us we charge a £50** Registration Fee. This one-off fee covers your first tutor request.

For any subsequent tutor requests, we charge a £25** Introduction Fee.

For example:

  • When a student works with a tutor for a full academic year = £25** one-off payment
  • If a sibling works with the same tutor, no charge
  • When a student works with a tutor over the Easter holidays = £25** one-off payment; if the students carries on working with the tutor after the Easter holidays, no charge
  • When a child works with the same tutor for several years, no charge
  • If you request a different subject tutor for the same child (or a different child) = £25 one-off payment
  • If you request a tutor to continue into the next academic year, but the tutor is not available and we need to find someone new = £25** one-off payment

**All Osborne Cawkwell Tuition fees include 20% VAT.

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