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Mental Health tutor

Our experience

A Mental Health tutor is highly experienced. These tutors have worked with students in a mentoring and coaching capacity for many years.

Some have undertaken additional training, such as the Mental Health First Aid 2-day course, which qualifies them as Mental Health First Aiders.

Osborne Cawkwell tutors are trained in-house by our Mental Health specialist, Dan Licence. Dan provides ongoing support and guidance should they have any concerns about the wellbeing of their student.

As well as receiving Mental Health First Aid training, tutors are trained to incorporate Mindfulness and Positive Psychology into their teaching.

Our ethos

We believe that mental well-being is not just the absence of poor mental health, but also the presence of happiness. By encouraging skills such as Growth Mindset and Resilience, we help students develop into mentally healthy adults.

How can a one-to-one Mental Health tutor help?

It’s a common misconception that a young person with a mental health problem won’t be able to learn as well as other students.

Capacity to learn is usually intact for most people. They may need a bit more time to absorb the information or encouragement when dealing with challenging tasks. This is often difficult to achieve in a large classroom.

Tuition with a mental health tutor allows the time and dedicated attention to cater to the specific needs of the student.

Our tutors are not mental health professionals. However, having a one-to-one relationship with students places them in a unique position. Tutors spot the early warning signs and take the appropriate action.

Working in conjunction with schools and relevant mental health institutions, tutors are an additional support for students in their journey to recovery.

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Mental Health Tutors

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