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Keone Wales - Special Educational Needs Tutor

Keone Wales

Special Educational Needs Tutor

Keone Wales specialism is working as an SEN tutor for people with Special Educational Needs, Learning Differences, and those presenting with Behavioural Challenges. He has been a private tutor to hundreds of students at all levels of their education and in many different circumstances.

Tutor Experience

Keone has trained in the Son-Rise programme, and provided private tuition to students as young as 6 on the Autistic Spectrum. He is an SEN tutor to students with Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, ADD, ADHD, OCD and Epilepsy. Keone has provided private tuition for over a 20 year period and has often worked with students who have combinations of the above needs.

He has a vast amount of experience as a Dyslexia tutor. Keone supported a Dyslexic student who also had additional speech challenges. The level of frustration the student felt built up over time into heightened aggression with other students at school. Keone provided home education over a number of years not only to work on his speech, reading and writing, but also to help channel his anger into a safe forum. With Keone’s home education plan the student completed schooling. He gained GCSEs and A levels and also went on to become a proficient Thai Kick Boxer.

Keone Wales is also a private tutor to young people suffering from family breakdown, eating disorders, depression, anxiety, stress, drug abuse and addictions. As a mental health tutor, Keone supports students who have disengaged with the education system. Recently Keone was a mental health tutor to 17 year old student. He helped her manage her workload as well as become reinvigorated with learning again. Throughout their sessions, Keone provided a safe and trusting space in which to explore the reasons for her disengagement.


“Keone came to stay with us on two occasions to assist our son with his A level revision. He was a breath of fresh air. He had the ability to both relate and communicate with my son who was somewhat reluctant to revise during the holidays. Keone was also a great pleasure to have around and most enjoyable company. He really engaged our son’s interest and imagination. Our son is Dyspraxic and finds organisation very challenging. Keone seemed to understand his weaknesses and supported him in all aspects of his revision. I would have no hesitation in recommending him as an outstanding tutor.”

Mrs B, Yorkshire

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