English Language GCSE

English Language GCSE – A Guide to Success

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English Language GCSE is traditionally the boring, (but vital), companion to the more exciting English Literature GCSE.

Here are our tips and resources that are guaranteed to bring some fun to revising for the 2022 English Language GCSE.

Set yourself up for success

When preparing to take English Language GCSE, planning is key. There’s a lot of study to be done, but if it’s organised in the right way it will be manageable. We recommend you create the best study environment possible using our handy checklist. All of these little actions add up to make a functioning and calming study environment. Give it a go!

English Language GCSE

Another great tip before you knuckle down is to write a comprehensive revision overview. This is a simple list of topics to revise labelled with how well you know the material. Using a basic traffic light system is great. For example, Green = “I’ve got this!”, Amber = “I’m not sure I’ve got it all”, and Red = “I need to work on this!”. Once you’ve done that, slot the priority topics to revise into your revision timetable so you spend enough time on the right areas.

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Find out the changes to the 2022 exams

After two years of exam disruption due to Covid, please check if your English Language GCSE exam board has made any changes to the exam format. For example, GCSE English changes may revolve around the Spoken element of the exam, and not the Written part. Advance information is also available for the exams this year. Bonus! So be sure to check your exam board to start your revision off right. The main exam boards are listed below:


Practice GCSE English past papers

We can’t emphasise enough how helpful it is to practice past papers before an exam. Not only will you get use to the timing and concentrating for long, quiet periods. You will also get a feel for how to answer questions to the best of your ability. Working through past papers in exam conditions helps mentally prepare you for exam day. Knowing what you’re expected to do is a huge mental advantage when heading into a stressful situation.

English Language GCSE Tips

Here are some English Language GCSE past papers for you to download and practice using the guides above. We wish you all the best of luck in your GCSE exams this summer. If you need some additional support, please get in touch.


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