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Sarah Cox

Sarah Cox

SEN Consultant

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“Whether your child needs specific SEND support; whether you need an impartial SEND consultant to talk through options for your child, or you are confused by the way forward, I can help.”

Sarah Cox has spent 18 years teaching young people, and 13 of those with students with a Specific Learning Difficulty. She is passionate about students receiving the best and most effective tutoring support.

Sarah gained a post graduate diploma in Dyslexia/SpLDs at the Hornby Centre in 2007. She has worked as a Dyslexia specialist teacher in several London Prep schools (including Notting Hill Prep, Garden House School and Thomas’s in Clapham), and has garnered a huge amount of knowledge and experience of what support SEND students need.

As a Senior Consultant at Osborne Cawkwell Tuition, Sarah bridges the gap between the guidance a student receives from an educational psychologist or SENDCo in school, and the work a tutor does with a student at home. She delivers tutor training and ongoing guidance to our tutors in study skills and SEN-related topics so they are better placed to work with students with learning differences.

“Sarah has a wealth of experience in Specific Learning Difficulties from her Post Graduate Diploma, her various tutoring roles and her position of Learning Support Teacher at Notting Hill Prep.

She developed excellent relationships with pupils, parents and colleagues and was often a source of support and shoulder to lean on.

Using cognitive approaches, she always demonstrated a deep understanding of how children learn and this was at the forefront of her methodologies.” 

– Mrs L, London

Sarah Cox’s special area of interest is in developing tutor training and awareness in how to support neurodiverse students effectively. Osborne Cawkwell Tuition was shortlisted to the final five for Organisational Member of the Year (2019) by the British Dyslexia Association due to her work in raising awareness and providing dyslexia training.

She has written numerous articles on SEN-related topics for The Tutor’s Association and has appeared as a guest speaker on Radio Veralum’s Parent Show with Kathy Weston on their show ‘Literacy and our Children’.

Please contact Sarah on sarah@octuition.co.uk

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