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Jonathan Walton - Special Educational Needs Tutor

Jonathan Walton

Special Educational Needs Tutor

Jonathan Walton is an SEN tutor specialising in ADD/ADHD, study skills and tutoring online. Interrupted routines and virtual classrooms can create extra stress and anxiety for all of us, in particular someone non-neurotypical. Jonathan supports SEN students across all subjects, from secondary school through to university and beyond.

SEN Tutoring

A firm believer in lifelong learning, his education includes modern languages, anthropology and speech and hearing disorders. In addition, he is currently training in Orff music therapy. Jonathan ran school literacy pilots across the UK and is also a meditation instructor, a published musician and author.

Jonathan Walton draws on a range of techniques from the creative arts, education and self-care. His methods are practical, results-oriented as well as individually tailored towards student confidence and wellbeing.

Tutor Ethos

As a mentor, Jonathan helps students to go from undesirable behaviours towards better decision-making, and helps parents understand how to give more effective support. He also has experience working as part of a primary care team.​


“I am so very grateful to Jonathan for all his help and advice. His input has been fantastic. Please continue to work with us, our son needs it. I believe that you get real responses from him, rather than what he thinks we want to hear.”

– Anon, France.

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