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The private tutors we represent

We treat tutors with as much consideration as our clients, which is why we have the best private tutors in the business on our books. Our ever-growing reputation and rigorous selection process means that we attract and retain exceptionally talented people.

Not all students are alike and neither are the educators on our books. We’ve got private tutors with interests including running marathons, acting, coding, architecture and chess.

What unites them is their enthusiasm for their subject, their depth of knowledge and their ability to convey these things to their students. They are not all Oxbridge graduates, although many are. They’re not all qualified teachers, although some are. But they are all highly experienced tutors, brilliant at engaging and inspiring their students.

The private tutors on our books will respond to how their students learn best and adapt their lessons accordingly. Tutors ensure that each child achieves optimum results.

Katie Lane

Katie Lane

English as an Additional Language Tutor


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