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Hugo Sheppard

Hugo Sheppard

Maths Tutor

Hugo Sheppard has worked as a private tutor for many years. He has taught students of all kinds of personalities, and different strengths and weaknesses when it comes to maths.

He always finds it engaging to pay attention to the young person sitting in front of him, and to figure out how best he can help them to understand maths, to enjoy it, and to succeed.

Even though every student is individual, experience has taught him some of the most common Mathematical areas where students tend to have problems, and what signs to look for, as well as which teaching methods tend to work best.

Hugo has taught Maths all the way up to Further Maths A Level in addition to the standard A Level, IB and Pre-U. He has a great deal of experience as a private tutor helping students for the 13+, GCSE and 16+ exams for a wide range of examination boards.

Hugo Sheppard has frequently taught foreign students who have successfully gone on to enter the British school system. Hugo also has experience as a home school tutor  for those retaking their A Levels in order to gain a place at university.

We highly recommend Hugo as a professional maths tutor. When he was preparing my son for entrance exams Hugo was patient and explained things in simple terms, which helped my son to succeed. He knows everything and he teaches perfectly and effectively. Mrs AM, Russia

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