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Alex Humes

Alex Humes

Latin and Greek Tutor

Alex Humes has been a Latin and Greek private tutor for the past eighteen years. He is also Head of Latin at the French Lycée Charles de Gaulle, where he has taught for a decade.

He loves teaching and has refined his technique to enable students to approach the text with absolute clarity. With Alex, students learn the most comprehensive way of analysing a sentence as well as how to maximise their time.

Alex has never privately tutored a student for a public exam who has not achieved the top grade. It’s important to him that learning is both a joyful and fearless experience.

Alex Humes has been a private tutor to hundreds of students. A large percentage of them have sat 13+ Common Entrance exams and Scholarship exams to the top boarding schools in the UK.

Alex also provides tuition at A level, for Oxbridge entrance and as a home school tutor. 

Alex home schooled Daniel after he was taken out of school. He tutored him in both Latin and Greek up to and including A level. After a year, Daniel achieved an A* in both at GCSE and also completed the A level, again receiving top grades. 

Alex helped Daniel with the Oxford Entrance exam where he gained a place. After gaining a double first in Greats, he completed his doctorate. Daniel became a Junior Research Fellow at Corpus Christi, Oxford, and is currently a lecturer at Cambridge. Please read his testimonial below:

It is no understatement to say that my three years of homeschooling – GCSEs and A levels – in Latin and Greek with Osborne Cawkwell has dictated the course of my life thus far: I completed an MA and Classical DPhil at Oxford University, became an academic, and after several years of research fellowships at both Oxford and Cambridge, am currently a Lecturer at king’s College, London.  It goes without saying that my tutor Alex was a thoroughly knowledgeable, inspirational, and likeable guide who with great skill (and occasional patience) created the perfect environment for me to fall in with love the subjects and excel. Dr. Daniel Jolowicz, King’s College, London

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