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Tutor The Nation are looking for volunteers

Categorised in: Tutor News | Posted on: 30 October 2020

We invite all Osborne Cawkwell tutors to contribute one free online tutorial a week to Tutor The Nation (TTN).

Who are Tutor The Nation?

Lucy is closely involved with Tutor The Nation, a new charity that is urgently attempting to address the chronic education deficiencies caused by the pandemic. Over the long term, TTN aims to continue to partner with schools across the nation to provide online tuition by undergraduates to underprivileged students.

TTN’s founder, Jacky Lambert, is a graduate and Honorary Fellow of St Hugh’s. She has partnered with Jacob Kelly, a third year Oxford PPE graduate and founder of Coronavirus Tutoring, that has already delivered over twenty thousand hours of free tuition. 

Who else is working with them?

TTN also has the endorsement of several colleges and is developing a tutor support network within them. That is why the first tutors for TTN are Oxford undergraduates, postgraduates or recent graduates. The scheme will expand to other universities, once we have established similar structures and relationships with them.

As a pilot scheme TTN is working with the local MP and council to partner with several schools in Bolton. They are delivering a weekly tutorial during the school year to their underprivileged GCSE and A level students. The schools will remain closely involved with the tutoring programmes.

Please get in touch if you are interested in volunteering.

What’s it Like Being a Volunteer Tutor with Tutor The Nation?

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