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What’s it like being a volunteer tutor with Tutor The Nation?

Categorised in: Insights | Posted on: 9 July 2021

I have been a volunteer tutor with Tutor The Nation since January and it’s been a really wonderful experience.

I am tutoring a lovely 18-year old student in Bolton with the final stages of her English literature A Level so that she can get the grades she needs for university. The Covid situation means that she feels anxious about the gaps in her learning. 

Online schooling has been difficult for her, especially because she has many siblings at home so it’s hard to have the space she needs for studying. Teachers at her school are trying their very best but the situation is extremely challenging. 

In our weekly tuition sessions we have gone through her coursework, discussed strategies for revising Shakespeare and are now looking at unseen poetry: exactly like any other tutoring commitment. 

It’s very simple and quick to sign up to be a volunteer tutor with Tutor The Nation. All the sites involved, such as Bramble, are easy to use. 

I feel, and hope I am right to feel, that it is making a difference to her education. Just to have the moral support and someone to ask questions has been very reassuring for her. The gap between students in private education and in state schools is becoming wider due to the Covid pandemic and it’s worrying. I really do believe that tutoring programmes like this are helping to bridge that gap.

Sara, French & English Tutor

Sara has been tutoring with Osborne Cawkwell Tuition since 2005. She teaches Primary school students all the way through to Undergraduate level. Sara also has extensive experience tutoring SEN students, including those with dyslexia (from mild to severe), and those with ADHD.

Who are Tutor The Nation?

volunteer tutorTutor The Nation is a new charity connecting tutors with pupils in the State sector for free online tutoring. Lucy Cawkwell helped set up the initiative with other leading members of the tutoring industry in 2020. 

In sync with Osborne Cawkwell Tuition’s mission, their primary goal is to give young people the confidence and tools they need both to perform better academically, and to gain the motivation and confidence to work towards their future aspirations.

If you’re interested in being a volunteer tutor with Tutor The Nation please get in touch.

Tutor The Nation are Looking for Volunteers

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