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Lucy Cawkwell

Lucy Cawkwell

Founder & Managing Director

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Lucy Cawkwell has been a part of the tutoring world since 1991, initially as a private tutor and then establishing and running Osborne Cawkwell Tuition since 2000.

As a result,  Lucy is extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of the tutoring industry and there aren’t many tuition scenarios that she doesn’t have direct experience of.

Lucy was educated at Wimbledon High School, Rugby School and Edinburgh University, so she understands the drive and commitment needed to succeed in our education system. She is, however, also finely attuned to students who struggle: she has developed a reputation for supporting home schooled children who find themselves out of the traditional school environment.

As a private tutor, Lucy taught many students in subjects (such as maths, English, French, Spanish, science, history and geography) over a period of twenty years. She taught on an hourly basis in London (teaching students attending school as well as those being home schooled) in addition to taking on several residential placements.

The longest period she spent abroad as a tutor was ten months in Chile living with a family and teaching their three children (the parents, of British origin, wanted to ensure their children’s spoken and written English was fluent).

As well as placing private tutors in London, the UK and abroad, Lucy Cawkwell advises clients on all types of educational issues. She is proud that Osborne Cawkwell Tuition has become the centre of a respected web of experienced educational professionals.

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