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Lucy Cawkwell

Lucy Cawkwell

Founder & Managing Director

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“Whether your child needs top grades, to get into their chosen school or simply do their best, we’re here for you.”

Lucy Cawkwell has spent almost 30 years working with young people and investigating what makes them tick academically. She loves working out a child’s strengths and weaknesses. How to polish the positives as as well as build on the negatives.

From her first work as a teenager in kindergarten summer camps, assisting in a special needs school and being a private tutor to a 13 Plus Common Entrance student, Lucy thrives off the relationships she creates with young people. 

“It’s incredible fun being there as students are learning and discovering. I love how my time with them guides and encourages them.”

– Lucy Cawkwell

Lucy Cawkwell founded Osborne Cawkwell Tuition in 2000 and has spent the last 20 years building up her business to be one of the most prominent private tuition agencies in London. We are friendly, passionate and professional people with a significant depth of experience and expertise. The team ardently strive to offer you a personalised service.

“The quality of the tutors is unparalleled and offers great value for money. Osborne Cawkwell Tuition’s service is attentive and always caring. We are very grateful to Lucy Cawkwell. She always goes out of her way to ensure that the kids are matched with the best tutor.”

– Ms P, North London

Lucy has curated a hand-picked and carefully vetted group of 170 expert private tutors who deliver the support and development children need. She’s purposefully kept her expert team and experienced tutors to a personable number to deliver a considerate and personalised service. Lucy prides herself on providing a service that is best suited to your child’s situation and circumstance.

She enjoys every conversation that she has with each of our clients and still gets excited when she carefully considers which private tutor to recommend to a client.

Being involved in the tutoring world for so long, first as a tutor and then establishing and running Osborne Cawkwell Tuition, there aren’t many tutoring situations and scenarios that Lucy hasn’t personally experienced. She therefore talks wisely and confidently with our clients and the tutors on our books.

We’d love to work with you and your child to ensure that their needs are more than met.

Contact Lucy on lucy@octuition.co.uk

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