11 Plus: The London 11+ Consortium

11 Plus: The London 11+ Consortium

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An ever-growing number of schools are joining the London 11 Plus Consortium for the examinations.

What is the London 11 Plus Consortium?

The Consortium consists of 14 independent London day schools for girls who all set the same 11 Plus exam. The Consortium was formed to make the entrance process simpler and more accessible to students from all schools and backgrounds. The focus is on making the examination process less stressful as well as more conducive to the long term enjoyment of learning.

Has the format of the exams changed?

Yes! With simplicity in mind, the London Consortium has replaced the traditional set of exams with just one exam. There is a new exam for entry in September 2023 which is being held in December 2022. The assessment is designed to formulate a good all round picture of a student’s abilities.

Whilst the assessment still tests a student’s ability in Maths and Verbal Reasoning, it also seeks to discover a child’s potential in Non Verbal Reasoning, which often signifies a student’s creative and visual intelligence. The exam will also assess a student’s prior knowledge from the National Curriculum for Year 5 with additional challenges added into the mix.

The assessment is 100 minutes in total and will be taken online at the candidates current school. If this isn’t possible, provision will also be made for the student to sit the exam in any of the Consortium schools. The assessment will be as follows:

• 20 minutes for Maths
• 10 minutes for Non-Verbal Reasoning
• 30 minutes for English comprehension and Verbal Reasoning
• BREAK for 30 minutes
• 15 minutes for Problem Solving
• 25 minutes for the Analysis component

(Please note that the first part of the exam is adaptive; the second part isn’t).

Familiarisation materials are also available on the Consortium site.

What does this mean for the future of the 11 Plus?

As more London schools join the Consortium the aim is to encourage a fairer assessment to produce a more multifaceted learner at the beginning of their secondary education. The student is judged not on their cognitive ability alone, but also on their critical thinking, analytical and problem solving skills.

Important dates for your diary

The deadline for applications to any Consortium school is Friday 11 November 2022.
Test dates are one of Friday 2 December, Tuesday 6 December and Thursday 8 December. Candidates only sit the assessment once, regardless of the number of Consortium schools to which they are applying.

If students are sitting the assessment at a Consortium school, they may have either a morning or an afternoon assessment on one of the three assessment dates. Individual schools will advise of the exact start time for the test.

Offers will be sent out to arrive on Friday 10 February 2023 with acceptances due by Monday 6 March at noon.

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