Supporting your child in 11+ Entrance Maths

11 Plus Entrance Maths Tutor

An 11 Plus entrance maths tutor helps students gain the problem solving skills crucial to passing this challenging exam.

A tutor ensures students feel knowledgeable in all areas of the mathematics syllabus at this stage. An 11 Plus entrance maths tutor builds confidence in identifying as well as applying maths techniques. Students also learn how to apply these techniques to solve any problem.

11 Plus entrance maths tuition provides all round familiarity with the maths requirements for the exam. In addition, students master the building blocks of numerical logic to tricky algebra problems.

Tuition provides a deep understanding of mathematical concepts, crucial to building the student’s confidence in this sometimes challenging subject.

11+ Entrance Tuition

11 Plus entrance takes place in Year 6 for entry into grammar and selective schools at Year 7.

It normally comprises maths, English, verbal and non-verbal reasoning. However, the requirements vary greatly from school to school. The candidate may also be required to attend an interview.


Most of our tutors are based in London and tutor students on an hourly basis, travelling from one family home to another.

The minimum lesson length is an hour and the tutor may request travel expenses depending where you live and where they are travelling from.

Popular lesson slots are after school, between 4.30 p.m. and 7.30 p.m., and at the weekends. If a child is out of school, the lessons can take place during the day.

Out of London

We can arrange a tutor to travel to your home if you live outside of London.

In order to make this viable for the tutor, the minimum lesson time is 2 hours (but you can book 3 or more hours).

If you live further afield, a day of tuition where 4 hours are broken up by lunch is a very popular option. This arrangement often happens at the weekends and during half-terms and holidays.

We ask that you cover the cost of the tutor’s travel time as well as their travel costs.


If you live abroad, or are embarking on a period of extended travel, you may request a residential tutor to support your children.

This can be for a period of anything from a few weeks to a year – or even longer.

The residential tutor normally works Monday to Friday. Tuition is either worked around school hours or arranged according to the family’s schedule if the child is not attending school.

The curriculum can either mirror what the child would be doing at school or be tailor-made to the student (whether following a traditional curriculum, or allowing greater freedom in what is taught such as project-based learning).


If your location means it is tricky for you to meet a tutor face-to-face, we can arrange tuition online.

Tutors on our books are teaching students all over the world: from France and Italy, to the US and Russia. We are experts at handling lesson arrangements over different time zones.

We are satisfied that even if students can’t meet tutors in person, they can still benefit from the knowledge and energy tutors bring to their online lessons.

Online tuition is conducted via Skype with a selection of other screen and material-sharing software. This ensures that lessons are fully interactive and that students gain the maximum from the sessions.

11+ Entrance Maths Tutors


Pia Carter

Common Entrance Tutor

7 Plus & 8 Plus & senior school entry at 11 Plus & 13 Plus Common Entrance.


Gabrielle Gregory

11 Plus Tutor

Covering all four disciplines: English, Maths, Verbal Reasoning & Non-Verbal Reasoning.

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