Healthy masculinity coaching

Healthy masculinity coaching

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Healthy masculinity coaching for boys and young men.

I have developed a number of healthy masculinity coaching sessions aimed at opening up the conversation around masculinity. These sessions have been developed through my experience running men’s circles, and working with vulnerable boys and young men.

Healthy masculinity coaching topics

– What it means to be a man in today’s society
– What the stereotypes of being a ‘good’ man and what a ‘real’ man are
– How stereotypes can be damaging to men, women and non-binary humans

I encourage my students to speak freely without judgement, and create a space that is safe for them to ask questions. I guide them through this confusing path via case studies, facts, statistics and my own personal experiences. This is done in a way that is incredibly sensitive, aware of different gender identities, and sexualities.

Why healthy masculinity is important

In today’s society, being a boy or young man can be a confusing, bewildering and alienating experience leading to young boys and men looking for answers. The school system often doesn’t have the time and resources to engage in these conversations to the depths that are needed. In addition, parents often feel they’re not being listened to by their sons. Through gaming and YouTube, this confusion that young men experience, can also leave them open to being susceptible to influence from people who are aiming to capitalise on their confusion, alienating them even further.

Aims and outcomes of coaching

– To present a healthier, alternative form of masculinity for young boys to look up to
– Develop critical thinking to assess someone’s point of view
– How to question and challenge biased, or misogynistic points of view
– To develop an understanding of their own masculinity (as well as their femininity)
– Develop vulnerability as well as emotional intelligence

The hope, is that by doing this, it will make life healthier, not just for them, but for the other people (particularly women) in their lives. To find out more and to book coaching sessions please use the form below.

Lonan Jenkins – Healthy masculinity coach

Lonan has been running men’s circles for several years. He covers far ranging topics including consent, relationships and masculinity. The main aim is to create a space where men can share and support one another without judgement.

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