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16+ English as an Additional Language


16 Plus EAL is sat by students wishing to enter the sixth form of an independent school. Most often students will sit exams in their desired A Level subjects, so usually between three and five subjects. The 16+ exams generally require a good understanding of the subjects’ GCSE syllabi but as the schools are testing for potential, candidates will be pushed and be given questions where their knowledge is stretched.

If a student has English as a second language, the 16+ EAL exam is important as it determines whether a school feels the student can fulfil their academic potential during their school life and beyond. It also assesses whether the student has the capability to become an independent learner over time, as the majority of students wish to progress to either British or American universities.

There are usually two sections to the 16+ EAL exam: a reading comprehension and a writing part. One-to-one EAL tuition can help build a student’s knowledge and confidence as well help them with exam technique.

A tutor working through Osborne Cawkwell can prepare a student for the 16+ entrance exams, as well as provide support once the student has started their new school.

16 Plus EAL tutors working through Osborne Cawkwell have prepared students for day and boarding schools all over the UK, as well as the top London schools, including: Bradfield College, Charterhouse, Cheltenham Ladies’ College, City of London School, City of London School for Girls, Clifton College, Highgate School, Rugby School, Sevenoaks School, St Paul’s School and Westminster School.

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