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Alexandra Rowthorn - BMAT & UCAT Tutor

Alexandra Rowthorn


Alexandra Rowthorn has been working as a private tutor with us since 2017. She holds a First Class Honours degree in Chemistry from University College London (UCL) and an MPhil in Chemistry from the University of Cambridge. Alex is currently pursuing further studies in Data Analytics in Business at the London School of Economics (LSE). She has a passion for education and finds great peace and purpose in her continued Chemistry studies and tutoring.

BMAT & UCAT Tutoring

Alexandra is a dedicated BMAT and UCAT specialist tutor, bringing extensive expertise to her teaching practice. With a background in both medicine and chemistry, Alex is uniquely positioned to support students aiming for success in these aptitude tests.

Having undergone BMAT and UCAT examinations herself and pursued two years of medical studies at King’s College London before transitioning to a Chemistry BSc at University College London (UCL), Alex offers invaluable insights and guidance to her students. She provides comprehensive support throughout the medicine application process, including medical school interview preparation. Her sessions are tailored to equip students with the necessary skills to tackle medical ethics discussions and construct well-rounded responses that showcase their capabilities and strengths. Additionally, Alex encourages her students to stay abreast of medical ethics, current medical news, research, and NHS background, fostering a holistic understanding of the medical field. She has successfully taught a number of students who have gone on to achieve places at their chosen medical schools.

Tutor Ethos

Alexandra Rowthorn embodies a focused, organised, and conscientious approach as a BMAT and UCAT tutor. With her background in chemistry, medicine, and data science, Alex adeptly communicates complex concepts to her students. She prioritises exam technique and instils ambition and motivation through unwavering encouragement and disciplined practice, fostering a culture of hard work and dedication.


“Applying for Medicine from a Computer Science undergraduate degree hasn’t been the simplest process. However, Alexandra helped me gain my confidence. I was aiming to get a score of 670 in the UCAT but I achieved 742 (2970 overall)! Alexandra prepared so much before the lessons and really went above and beyond. She sent me useful resources, such as articles/book recommendations in between that she thought I could use for interviews. It meant so much to me that she cares about my outcome and her support has made so much difference. I found Alexandra’s teaching style so helpful. She’s honest and direct in where I am going wrong. Also also gives so much positive feedback, which I found really encouraging. I have gained so much more confidence in my abilities with her.”

UCAT Student who received unconditional offers to all four medical schools she applied to: Warwick (graduate medicine), Newcastle, St George’s and King’s College London.

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