Providing an all-encompassing educational service

Kate King originally trained as a Montessori teacher before her training as a dyslexia specialist started her exploration into what lies behind difficulties with learning and engagement. She has used her knowledge to provide support for children, advise parents and manage school wide support provision. She now works as an independent consultant guiding teachers, tutors and parents.

With over 20 years of experience as a specialist teacher and SENCo, Kate’s theoretical framework underpins her practical experience in providing expert support and advice. She has postgraduate diplomas in Dyslexia and DCD/ADHD, combined with training across many other difficulties such as ASC, dyscalculia and sensory processing disorder. Her breadth of training and experience on the things that impact on learning, enable her to make links and see past labels.

Recognising and respecting neurological differences as human variation, Kate advocates an approach that is centred on the needs of the individual. Learner Profiling assessment, using a research based online tool, looks at key areas to find out where difficulties lie. These are: Memory Vision, Auditory Skills, Senses, Attention, Organisation, Time Management, Speaking, Listening, Understanding, Emotions and Feelings, Literacy and Numeracy and Physical Coordination. The information gathered, combined with interviews, informs intervention, accommodations and onward referral if needed. Learner and Executive Functioning Profiling provide affordable assessments and data to show inspection bodies that individualised support is being provided.

Kate breaks down labels, providing practical recommendations and strategies that enable effective support and intervention, both in and outside the classroom. Recommendations do not just focus on the current challenges but build towards the next stage of the educational journey.

Kate King offers a bespoke, empathetic approach that facilitates communication between all involved. This  enables parents, students and teachers to feel empowered.

“When we met Kate she provided an oasis of calm, measured and informed advice. We were immediately reassured by her experience, depth of knowledge and the way in which she adopts a completely bespoke approach to your situation.” – RR

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