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Science Tutor: Getting students into Science

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“Help! I need a science tutor!”, is a phrase we hear a lot.

We talked to our top science tutors to find out how they encourage their students to get into science.


1. Learn how to figure things out

I think it would be helpful to dispel the misconception of how science is about blowing stuff up and so on. I think science is about figuring things out; it helps you develop critical thinking skills.”Pan, Science and Maths tutor

2. Find something relevant to the student

Pan’s thoughts were echoed by Gurs, another top science tutor:

I’d have to say that you need to find something engaging, something relevant to the student. Are they annoyed that their year-old phone has no battery life? Well then, let’s have a look at how a simple battery works, let’s see what ions are involved and how charging and discharging affects how the battery functions.

Let’s go over turning forces and moments on paper, then get a student to push open a door from the hinges and then from the handle. Hopefully you can show a student that there are real life applications to the things they learn from textbooks.” Gurs, Science tutor

3. Nurture students’ interests

I think if a child is curious about the natural world then there’s a good chance they will gravitate towards science. But it depends on how that interest is nurtured by their parents and their teachers.”Tom, Science tutor

Science Tutor


4. Get practical!

Make science hands on, advises science tutor, Rosie.

“When children are young they are excited with anything which is practical and hands on! Therefore, I would encourage getting children involved in various science experiments. When I was teaching at the McLeod Centre we did several experiments, among which the lamb heart dissection was most popular. Hearts can be obtained from the local butcher for free, and there are several pictures/videos/tutorials online which can explain regions of the heart! Regular trips to the science museums, and several demonstrations or hands-on seminars at the local library also encourage an awareness of science.”  – Rosie, Science tutor

Check out Rosie’s recent blog on encouraging girls to take STEM subjects.

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