Numberella: A fabulous and educational (Christmas) present!

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If you lack inspiration this Christmas for your school-aged child(ren), this new Numberella game could be ideal.

How does it work?

Numberella was designed by a former tutor from our books, Alex Newberry, who wanted to find a way to tackle his students’ lack of motivation and success with mental arithmetic. He wanted less confident students to be able to ‘win’ in maths. Yes, it is a maths game; no, it’s not boring! In fact, when Alex came to see us recently to demo a quick play, we really enjoyed it and thought it was wonderfully fun.

The game has been developed over the last four years and has come to fruition: it is diverse, has great characters, a series of fortune cards and twists that will keep the whole family entertained and on their toes! You may recognise actions inspired from the greatest games of all time.

It is currently being used in a lot of schools in the UK and overseas. The game also keeps getting glorious feedback from teachers and students alike who now beg to ‘play maths’.

It can be purchased in 3 different levels: KS1, KS2 (covering up to 11 Plus) and KS3 (this one can be a challenge for some adults!). There is also the added benefit of a clever online software allowing you to put children / students in a league.

Numberella can be used and played with students by:

a Parent/Carer:
Put simply, there is no better way to revise the maths syllabus with your kids, than Numberella. It’s a great game in its own right, so they enjoy playing it – and every second they do, you are giving them a mental maths workout.

a Maths Teacher:
Numberella is the perfect way to earn the affection of your class, and boost their maths skills. Utilising the houses and the league will give you a new dimension as you can give them team tasks and challenges which may well extend beyond the playing of Numberella.

a Maths Tutor / Intervention Specialist / SEN Teacher:
Numberella was built in a one on one tutoring environment, and was designed to engage children who could not be engaged in any other way. Furthermore, playing it for 10-15 min at the end of the lesson after their hard work is a fantastic reward and motivator. Osborne Cawkwell tutors, will have a tutor demo soon!

To find out more about Numbrella and to buy it for your children, please do get in touch!

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