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Homeschooling tips for busy parents

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Here are our homeschooling tips for busy parents who like us, are juggling their jobs and ensuring their children access remote learning.

Homeschooling tips #1 – Cut everyone some slack

This is our number 1 homeschooling tip for a very good reason. Facing change of any kind is stressful for everybody involved, children and parents alike. We understand that home education is a daunting prospect.

Homeschooling is new to the majority, and students need a little time to adapt to a new routine, set up and expectations – just like we do when we start a new job.

Top Tip: Check out a meditation app, like Headspace or Calm.

Homeschooling tips #2 – Create a good learning environment

• Designate a home education zone: Somewhere clean, free of clutter and that’s quiet.

• Manage distractions: Remove anything from the space that interrupts study, such as TV’s, phones and dogs!

Top Tip: Check out this article on BBC Bitesize ‘How to juggle your responsibilities as a parent at home’.

Homeschooling tips #3 – Establish a routine

Sleep tight

Many adults are struggling with the change of routine and so are students. For maximum homeschooling concentration, it’s vital that you (and your child) get a good nights sleep. We can’t stress it enough, making sure students get a decent sleep will put them in the best position to be focused during the day.

“Sleep is the best meditation” – Dalai Lama

Be organised

Alleviate any worries your child might have about school work by getting them organised and sticking to a plan. Some schools have issued online timetables, so build a daily schedule around these lessons. Make sure everyone working at home knows when students should be in lessons.

Down time

As well as planning lessons and homework, make space for down time. Encourage students to get out of the house for some fresh air and make sure they take regular breaks between lessons. If they feel refreshed they’ll be able to concentrate better.

Top Tip: Joe Wicks is back! Check out P.E. with Joe.

Homeschooling tips #4 – Additional support

Online lessons with Osborne Cawkwell Tuition are available for students working towards GCSEs and A levels, as well as younger students. With years of online teaching experience our tutors are adept at creating trusting relationships remotely.

Is online homeschooling effective?

Yes, it makes learning fun and interactive, which is guaranteed to get students on board. Online tutoring is action orientated, and often geared towards problem solving, it encourages students to be social and builds their self-confidence. Learning online also means that students have access to online simulators to conduct experiments, dissect eyeballs or build cities. The possibilities are endless!

To find out about additional support to supplement your child’s learning get in touch.

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