Dyslexic Students

Dyslexic Students: Additional Online Support

Categorised in: OC News | Posted on: 17 November 2020

We have made it our mission to be able to support Dyslexic students in the most effective and productive way.

How we’re supporting Dyslexic students

We provide training to our tutors on Specific Learning Differences, thinking outside the box and being creative and flexible in our teaching approach. Not only are these ideas essential for Dyslexic students, they are good for all.

Osborne Cawkwell Tuition are proud organisational members of the British Dyslexia Association. In addition we now have a small team of qualified Dyslexia specialist tutors available for online lessons.

How Dyslexia specialist tutors help

The pandemic has been difficult for everybody. Students who require additional support in school have not been able to access as much help as they’ve needed.

If you know a student who would benefit from additional online support, so that they don’t slip further through the net, please get in touch with Sarah or fill out our contact form below.

Our specialist tutors provide support with literacy, phonics, spelling, reading, study skills, creative writing and more. Crucially this support helps build confidence and self-esteem, inspiring motivation so students will want to engage and learn.

Sarah Cox, SEN Consultant

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