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Tom Science Tutor OC Tuition


Science Tutor

Imperial College
MSc Environmental Technology

Trinity College of Music, Greenwich
Foundation Diploma in Jazz Guitar

Cambridge University, Corpus Christi College
BA (Hons) in Biological Natural Sciences

Portsmouth Grammar School
A Levels in Biology, Chemistry and Physics

I have been a dedicated tutor since I moved to London at the end of 2004.

After having acquired valuable teaching experience working for a handful of agencies I joined OC in 2007. I teach Science to students after school as well as to home schooled students, some of whom have had learning or behavioural difficulties (including Asperger’s, ADHD, dyspraxia etc.). In this role, I have often had to devise lesson plans for an entire academic year’s worth of syllabus at a pace and level of intensity effective for the student, whilst also having to act as a personal ‘life coach’ to help them keep their work pace and confidence levels up. To this end, I have taken an ‘Introduction to Counselling Skills’ certificate, to enable me to help some of my students deal with some of their emotional difficulties that might be affecting their academic progress.
I also teach Science at GCSE; Physics, Chemistry and Maths at 13+ and GCSE and Biology at A Level and IB.