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Jamie Philosophy Tutor OC Tuition


Philosophy Tutor

Oxford University
MSt in Theology (Modern Christian Doctrine) and DPhil in Philosophy and Theology

University of Chicago
MA in Humanities (with focus on Philosophy)

Oxford University
BA (Hons) in Philosophy and Theology

Eton College
A levels in English Literature, Religious Studies and Government and Politics

I am a 16+ Philosophy tutor and began working with Osborne Cawkwell in 2008. Having found the experience so rewarding that I decided to embark on a full-time career in teaching, for which my individual work with OC clients has been invaluable. I am currently Head of Department and Head of Year at a leading, academically selective day school and have previously taught in two boarding schools. Furthermore there has been a strong pastoral dimension to all of my teaching roles. Since I was a student at a competitive independent school myself, I am fully aware of the pressures and challenges faced by pupils in this unique environment. I am also an IB Philosophy examiner, and have conducted admissions interviews and assessment for leading independent schools at pre-testing, 11+, 13+ and 6th form. Subsequently tutorials are a fantastic opportunity to build a pupil’s confidence and inspire them, no matter what their previous level of attainment or interest. I also teach Philosophy at A Level and Degree level and Religious Studies at 13+, GCSE and A Level.


“Osborne Cawkwell stepped into the breach magnificently…”

Last year, we faced a bleak prospect when my daughter finished school with no higher qualifications due to illness. Osborne Cawkwell stepped into the breach magnificently, and provided tutors who both capable and willing to teach Pre-U’s in her chosen subjects: English, Philosophy and Mathematics. Three super-intelligent, highly qualified young people stepped into our lives and completely turned the situation around. She is now happily ensconced in the university of her choice and we undoubtedly owe this to the tutoring and morale boost that she received from Osborne Cawkwell.


“The quality and charm of the tutors was the best we could possibly have hoped for”

Our experiences with Osborne Cawkwell have been seriously impressive on all levels. The quality and charm of the tutors was the best we could possibly have hoped for. The standard of teaching was matched by the care and understanding, by every single tutor, towards our daughter’s mental illness. Rather than dreading the 2-hour sessions, our daughter positively looked forward to seeing the tutors. The Osborne Cawkwell experience could not have been better. We have already recommended them to many of our friends. They are fantastic!


“Our son has an excellent tutor… and… a mentor and friend.”

We were recommended Osborne Cawkwell for home tuition when our son was unable to attend regular school but needed to study for GCSEs. Although we are still relatively early in the process, the agency has been flexible, thorough and efficient about meeting our needs. Our son has an excellent tutor who is giving him more than mere academic instruction and is gradually becoming a mentor and friend. The principal of the agency is very caring and involved to the extent that she came to a lesson specifically to meet our son, something she certainly didn’t need to do.


“We strongly recommend their services.”

We have been regular users of OC for 6 years for our 4 children and have found that the quality of tutors has been uniformly high. One child needed home education, following illness, and we found in that situation the tutors and the team at OC were both effective and sensitive to a difficult situation. We strongly recommend their services.