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Charlotte French Tutor OC Tuition


A Level French  Tutor

Oxford University, St Peter’s
BA (Hons) Modern Languages (French and Italian)  

King Edward’s School, Bath
A levels in English, French and Spanish 

I have  worked as a private French tutor for Osborne Cawkwell for 5 years in London, often with some very bright students facing very different challenges in their studies!

At A Level French, I have found that students usually want to practice their oral, aural and writing skills with more originality than the classroom might allow for. At this level, they are usually confident with the language and enjoy it – but to obtain the best grades understand that the more they use and practice their language the more likely they are to excel at the exams.

A levelers frequently request a revision of grammar that they missed or didn’t get when they learnt it the first time round, so finding ways to clarify and consolidate is part of the effort. The literature materials are also often overwhelming for certain exam boards, with quote learning and essay plans, so organising the topics and themes coherently – and condensing the amount of paper – makes it more manageable and digestible. I like to do this collaboratively with the student so they have a sense of personal authorship and engagement in selecting relevant ideas.

Solo revision for languages  can be a challenge – languages are after all a tool for communication with others! – so as much time will be spent as possible during sessions on using it. I find that this extra training, alongside addressing the very specific needs of A Level students on text work and grammar, brings them to the very best of their ability.