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Larry OC Tuition Economics Tutor



Economics Tutor

Institute of Education

Trinity College London

University of Strathclyde
BA (Hons.) Economics and Commerce

Hutchesons’ Boys’ Grammar School, Beaton Road, Glasgow
Scottish Highers in Geography, Mathematics, English and Science

I have had 10 years of teaching experience and have helped many students who previously failed to make the grade improve their pass.

I love teaching economics and relating it to the current political situation. It is a dynamic, ever-changing world and economics can explain what is happening and why. I think that studying economics helps students deal with problems and helps their studies. They learn to look critically at events and analyse and use (application) information. They also learn to weigh up the value of data and use it to reach a balanced and reasoned conclusion. I have taught many different students from a wide range of backgrounds, from the sons of plenipotentiary ambassadors to poor kids in the East End and always manage to connect with them and expand their knowledge and understanding. Without exception all my students have achieved the grades they required to get into the university they wanted. I also teach Economics at GCSE, AS and A Level.