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Laura EAL Tutor OC tuition



EAL Tutor

Surrey Language Centre
TESOL (Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages)

University of Exeter
BA (Hons) in English Studies

I have worked through Osborne Cawkwell as a private EAL tutor since October 2006. I tutor students from a range of cultural backgrounds, abilities and ages. Before joining OC, I was teaching at Harven School of English in Surrey, which is part of the OISE network. In this role, I taught in excess of 1000 students in both large classroom groups and one-to-one. These students were both professionals and university students from all over the world including Spain, Brazil, Japan, Yemen and Russia.

Since then, I have taught at Woking College and Merton Adult Education College in Wimbledon. I designed group courses where students learnt functional and essential English and at the end of a course they took exams. I was delighted with the results achieved by my students and will never forget the joy I experienced when all of my students passed, many with the highest grades in the ESOL sector of the college.

Throughout my career I have taught children aged from 3 to 16 who needed to learn English in order to attend British or International Schools. In this sphere I have tutored children every week including intensive sessions over holiday periods bringing them up to a record level in a short space of time. Many of my students have won prizes for English and have gained entry to celebrated universities such as Oxford and Cambridge.