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The tutors we represent

We treat tutors with as much consideration as our clients, which is why we have the best tutors in the business on our books. Our ever-growing reputation and rigorous selection process means that we attract and keep hold of exceptionally talented people. Quality teaching is what we’re all about, so having quality tutors is at the heart of our business.

Not all students are alike and neither are our educators on our books. We’ve got people who enjoy free running, acting, architecture and chess. What unites them is their enthusiasm for their subject, their depth of knowledge and their ability to convey these things to their students. They are not all Oxbridge graduates, although many are. They’re not all qualified teachers, although some are; but they are all brilliant at engaging and inspiring their students. They will respond to how their students learn best and adapt their lessons accordingly. Each child can achieve optimum results.

We have two kinds of tutors on our books: Endorsed and Career Tutors.

Endorsed Tutors: whilst most of them have been with us for some years now, others have been recruited recently. What unites them is their passion for tutoring alongside activities such as writing, studying, acting or working. They have a talent for their subject and find tutoring a rewarding experience. We interview each of them face to face and one-to-one, follow up with two references, ensure they have a current DBS and meet them again at our induction session. Nearly every tutor we take on has some tutoring experience, so we are very comfortable recommending them to you.

Career Tutors: a concept we introduced in 2012; we now have 50 of them on our books. These are tutors who have been with Osborne Cawkwell for more than three years (though half of them have been with us for much longer than this, some since 2000!). They receive constant outstanding feedback and most importantly have decided to commit to tutoring for the foreseeable future. Some of them tutor full time while others tutor alongside studying or working. What unites them is their experience and excellent reputation combined with their dedication to teaching and supporting students in the long term.