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University Entrance


To have the best possible chance of securing a university offer, a student needs to have a personal statement that stands out. Writing about oneself and one’s talents can be daunting: where does one start? What does one need to include? University tuition will help the student focus their thoughts and structure a statement that is coherent. The tutor will ensure the students outlining who they are and their achievements – and why they should be offered an interview or place.

Applying to Oxford or Cambridge increases the challenge. A graduate from these universities will add an edge to the student’s preparation; the tutors know what the student is facing and are able to give them the extra support they need, be it: working on a personal statement; consolidating AS studies and pushing towards A2 material and beyond, preparing for any entrance tests such as the HAT, PAT and TSA or conducting mock interviews.

We can also arrange tutors to prepare for the LNAT, BMAT, GAMSAT and UKCAT exams. These tutors will have invariably done the exams themselves so know the tricks students need to succeed.

Applying to university in the US requires the student to sit the SAT. This exam requires a particular approach and test-taking technique and it is therefore invaluable to have a specialist tutor prepare the student for the style of questions and what to expect.

For postgraduate studies we also have tutors who specialise in the GMAT and GRE exams.

Do call us on 020 7584 5355 or email us to discuss your needs further.


Degree Level


Increasingly university students are contacting us asking for support with their degree studies. It may be that they’ve chosen a module where they had no prior knowledge and are therefore struggling to keep up; they realise that writing an essay becomes an insurmountable task if they are unsure how to do research from scratch and structure the information; or they just need a bit more support due to a learning difference or health issue.

Working alongside a tutor can provide the direction and encouragement a student needs to catch up, keep up to speed and then excel. It can also create an invaluable relationship where a tutor can guide and mentor a student in what can be a daunting time.

Do call us on 020 7584 5355 or email us to discuss your needs further.

We can organise tutors:

By the hour in London


For a few hours outside London

On a residential basis in the UK and abroad