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Residential Tuition


Every year we receive around 50 requests for tutors to live with a family and teach their children for anything from 2 days to a year or more.

Half terms and holidays are very popular times for short term residential tuition. Working with a tutor for 2 to 28 days without the distraction of school can give a child a great boost. Tutors will help cover gaps in their knowledge, going back over school work done in the previous weeks, practising exam questions and working on extension material.

On short term placements, a tutor will teach for four hours a day, two hours in the morning and two hours in the afternoon (plus extra breaks if need be). More than four hours a day can be done, but this will depend on the age and concentration of the student as four hours of one-to-one tuition is quite intense. Many students will need time on their own to consider and absorb what they’ve learnt.

If a family lives outside of London, whether in the UK or abroad, or is embarking on a period of extended travel, they may request a residential tutor on a long term basis to support their children. This can be for a period of anything from 1 month to a year – or even longer. The tutor normally works Monday to Friday and tuition is either worked around school hours or arranged according to the family’s schedule if the child is not attending school. The curriculum followed can either mirror what the child is doing at school or be tailor-made to the student (whether following a traditional curriculum or allowing greater freedom in what is taught such as project-based learning).

Residential tuition allows a tutor to get to know a student very well. Discussions over mealtimes and sharing free time together allow the tutor to continue challenging, supporting and building confidence outside of lesson times.

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