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Tuition for GCSE Retakes


Not achieving the grades you expect at GCSE level might limit your choice at A Level. Or if your grades in maths and English are below a C, impact on future job applications.

Many schools will support students with GCSE retakes, but if not, working with a tutor one-to-one can give you the support you need to re-sit with confidence. A tutor can work to your schedule: whether you are free in the day, the evenings or weekends, we can find someone who fits in with your timetable.

If your school will not register you for your retakes – or you have left school – we work closely with several colleges in London who do accept private candidates and can register you for your exams. Please note that not all GCSE specifications are available to private candidates (students who are not studying in school) so we would have to verify this before moving forward.

Tutors enjoy supporting students doing GCSE retakes as their lessons can be focussed and tailor-made to the student. It may be a student’s essay writing that has let them down and if so, this can be the focal point of the tuition. Or it may be that an entire module is a mystery due to the student missing school. It may also be that the student was unmotivated by their original teacher, so was not inclined to work as hard as was needed. Consequently, working with a tutor, with us to back you up on all the exam admin, can be a reassuring and straightforward way to retake your GCSEs. And it may even be that you achieve higher grades than your original predictions!

Do call us on 020 7584 5355 or email us to discuss your needs further.

We can organise tutors:

By the hour in London


For a few hours outside London

On a residential basis in the UK and abroad