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James RE Tutor OC Tuition


A Level Religious Studies Tutor

University of Cambridge, Jesus College
BA Theology and Religious Studies

Haywards Heath Sixth Form, Sussex
A Levels in English Literature, Politics and History

Since graduating in 2010, I have been a full time tutor in Religious Studies, Philosophy, Politics and Sociology. I have dozens of letters of recommendation and hundreds of hours of experience for all GCSE, 16+, A Level, Pre-U and IB.

Private tuition can achieve something class-based learning never can – genuinely tailored learning. What unites all of my teaching experience is the immense satisfaction I get from the moment that a student “gets” something, having struggled with it in class. I do not lecture – I try every approach until that moment when the student’s eyes widen and the penny finally drops.

I also have substantial experience tutoring home schooled students – taking on the entire challenge of teaching the whole syllabus. As well as producing outstanding grades, tutoring has given me experience in the heavy responsibility of looking after the overall learning of a student, without the support of a school system behind them.

Over the years, I have also built up an expansive collection of custom-made digital handouts which I make available to all my students.