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13+ Entrance Reasoning


13+ Reasoning tuition will help students with a topic that is normally covered at school and so can catch them off-guard in the exam. However, with a bit of guidance from a tutor, students can easily grasp what’s required of them and actually learn to enjoy the challenge these questions present.

Many schools’ entrance tests will test verbal and/or non-verbal reasoning. Verbal reasoning, as the name suggests, tests the student’s ability to play with words, spotting patterns and connections, solving word problems and filling in gaps. A typical question is:

Unjumble the letters of the word written in capital letters to make a new word which is connected with the words on either side of the brackets.

MALE       lunch      (               )      dinner

Non-verbal reasoning tests the student’s ability to play with shapes and patterns, spotting connections, breaking codes and solving problems. A typical question is:

Which one of the five shapes or patterns on the right is most like the two on the left?


(from visuteach.com)

13+ Reasoning tuition through Osborne Cawkwell can provide students with strategies and tips as to how to tackle reasoning questions: once a student is familiar with the types of questions and what to expect they will feel more confident and enjoy the subject.

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