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13+ Entrance History


13+ History tuition can help enhance students knowledge and understanding of the key stage 3 syllabus of the National Curriculum, which the exams are based on. The exam is intended to encourage the students to take an active interest in history at junior level and to act as a preparation for further study.

To prepare for 13+ History a tutor can help extend a student’s knowledge and inspire a love of history. Tuition can stimulate a students’ curiosity about the way people lived in the past and about their own and others’ inheritance. A tutor can also conduct trips to museums and places of interest to extend a student’s understanding. Learning from primary as well as secondary sources is strongly encouraged.

13+ History tuition through Osborne Cawkwell has helped prepare students for day and boarding schools all over the UK, as well as the top London schools, including: Eton College, Westminster School, St Paul’s School, Cheltenham Ladies’ College, Rugby School, Marlborough College, Harrow School, King’s College Wimbledon and Oundle School.

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