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13+ Entrance French


13+ French tuition will enhance the students knowledge of the syllabus, which has been devised in accordance with the requirements of the National Curriculum for modern languages and aligns with National Curriculum levels 1-6. There are tiered papers: Level 1 and Level 2. Level 2 is sat by the majority of candidates while Level 1 is for pupils who have only studied it for a short period of time or struggle with the language.

13+ French tuition can help students develop skills in both written and spoken French, including revision of grammar, vocabulary and tenses which many students find difficult. Tutors can also help students with exam technique and work through example papers with them. Tuition can also help expand a student’s knowledge in a particular area of cultural interest.

13+ French tuition  through Osborne Cawkwell has helped prepared students for day and boarding schools all over the UK, as well as the top London schools, including: Eton College, Westminster School, St Paul’s School, Cheltenham Ladies’ College, Rugby School, Marlborough College, Harrow School, King’s College Wimbledon and Oundle School.

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