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13+ Common Pre-Test


13+ Pre-Test tuition prepares students for these exams, which were introduced to give senior schools a way of assessing a child before the 13+ common entrance exams. As senior schools were getting more popular, they wanted to minimise disappointment at the 13+ stage so introduced Pre-Tests in order to give them advance warning of a student’s ability. Subsequently determining whether the student would be right for the school.

The Pre-Tests are sat in Year 6 or Year 7, depending on the school, and test some or all of Maths, English, verbal reasoning and non-verbal reasoning; there may also be an interview. Furthermore several schools use a computer-based style Pre-Test.

Schools are hoping to test a student’s innate ability with the Pre-Tests, so would generally not advise tuition. However, one of the key factors in taking the pre-tests is confidence: students may well face questions they’ve never seen before and need courage and self-belief to apply what they know to their answers.

13+ Pre-Test tuition through Osborne Cawkwell can increase a student’s confidence and belief in their own ability. Strengthening the student’s current level of Maths and English and working on interview technique will put them in a strong position to do well.

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