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Omari Spanish Tutor OC Tuition


13+ Spanish Tutor

University of Oxford, New College

BA in English and Spanish

Dulwich College, London

A Levels in English, Spanish and Ancient History

I’m a lively, creative and highly organised 13+ Spanish tutor with over six years of tutoring and mentoring experience with the last two of these as a committed full-time professional.

Over that time I’ve worked one-to-one with more than 80 students, teaching a whole spectrum of abilities, including pupils who have recently moved to England or attend international schools, such as the French Lycée, and students with minor and severe learning difficulties (dyslexia, dyspraxia, ADD, processing problems and autism). I really relish the variety and every single student has been a pleasure to teach and every one a new and welcome challenge.

My pupils have had fabulous success at 13+ gaining places at St Paul’s Girls, Haberdashers Askes, City of London Girls and Boys, KCS Wimbledon, Emanuel, Latymer, Westminster, Radley, Tonbridge, and Harrow.  I also teach GCSE and A Level Spanish, Maths and English at 7+, 8+, 11+, 13+, English at GCSE and A Level.