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I started Osborne Cawkwell Tuition in 2000 from a cramped desk in my bedroom. Since then we have blossomed into an office in Kensington; my team growing concurrently from one to seven.

We have prospered amongst the tens of agencies that have sprung up over the years as we have always aimed to professionalise tutoring in an industry that is unregulated and open to all manner of business practice. From being confident that we can recommend personally each of our tutors to having a clear, straight-forward fee structure, we strive to be honest and transparent. We treat our tutors with as much consideration as our clients, and the student is always the ultimate focus.

With this blog, we’d like to strengthen the link between us, our clients, our students and tutors. We’ll give you an insight into how we operate, profiles of our tutors, study skills and advice, and up-to-date news on educational policy. We hope you’ll join us and comment as and when the mood takes you. Please enter your details below to subscribe to the OC Blog.

Lucy Cawkwell