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Learning Differences


Many students we help have a specific learning difficulty such as dyslexia, ADD or dyspraxia.  The majority of tutors on our books are not trained in Specific Learning Difficulties (SpLDs). However, one-to-one tutoring allows the space and creativity to tailor lessons to what a student needs. Tutors are still able to support and help a pupil progress.

Sarah Cox OC Tuition SEN Consultant

Sarah Cox is our dyslexia specialist and special educational needs consultant, liaising with parents, educational psychologists, other related specialists, schools and tutors on Special Educational Needs (SEND) – related issues. Having worked in several London preparatory and primary schools, Sarah has a good understanding of the level of support needed by students on the SEND register. Trained in study skills and specific learning difficulties, Sarah provides guidance for parents and advises tutors on suitable teaching techniques. She works to bridge the gap between the support a student receives in school and the work a tutor does with a student. Sarah also works closely with parents, the school SENDCo and Learning Support teams. With Sarah’s guidance, tutors can provide excellent continuing support for students beyond the classroom.

Tutor Training Workshops
Sarah provides regular training workshops on Specific Learning Difficulties and Study Skills techniques.

“Sarah’s workshops are full of practical, convivial wisdom and methods useful to all tutors. Her tailored resources alone have made attendance worthwhile and I have also greatly appreciated her support and accessibility, both during and outside the workshops themselves. Thanks Sarah!” Max, English Tutor

“I think Sarah’s workshops will help tutors spot the tell-tale signs of dyslexia and other specific learning difficulties and will improve the learning environment for students and teachers. It was good to discuss different teaching styles and I liked your ideas of using a decision/story dice and all the books you have suggested. I will get hold of “Toe by Toe”. Laura, English Tutor

“Dyslexia is such an important issue affecting many of our students. The workshop gave me both a better awareness of the challenges faced by dyslexic students, and some really helpful practical suggestions to support them. “ Joe, Maths and Science Tutor

More info on Specific Learning Difficulties
Amanda McLeod

If Sarah judges that a student’s needs are greater than the support we can offer, we refer them to Amanda Mcleod and her team.

Amanda McLeod runs The McLeod Centre for Learning and has teachers trained in specific learning difficulties. Amanda’s centre provides lessons in touch-typing, handwriting, literacy, maths, study skills to students with dyslexia, dyscalculia and dyspraxia. Her centre provides both group and individual lessons tailored to the student’s needs.

Amanda is the author and series consultant of the Scholastic Handwriting series (Reception to Year 6); she is a committee member of the National Handwriting Association (NHA) and is also one of their trainers and lecturers. She offers handwriting assessments and parent/child consultation sessions for parents who want to work with their children at home.