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Home Schooling


Every year several families approach us asking for advice and tuition for children who are out of school due to illness, exclusion, learning differences, family situations – or simply a parent’s choice.

With years of experience under our belts, we are exceptionally good at assessing what will work best for your child. We will bring together a team of excellent tutors to create a timetable that will support and nurture your child.

We deal with placements that last anything from a few days, to a term or even a year. Some clients want a few hours each week while others ask for a daily schedule involving 4 to 6 tutors. As one-to-one tuition is much more intensive than being in a classroom, a child does not ‘need’ 7 hours a day. They will find 3 to 4 hours per day is often enough to cover the required ground.

We advise families with children working towards GCSEs and A Levels, as well as younger students. We can put together a timetable covering as many subjects as needed and help with exam registration if your child is entering public exams.

Here are a few examples of the home schooled students we have supported (names have been changed):

  • Catherine had been asked to leave her school due to persistent bad behaviour. This was towards the end of year 7, it was very difficult for the family to find another school who would take her before her 13+ exams at the end of Year 8. It was decided that she should be home schooled to help settle her. She could catch up on academic work and find support with her behavioural issues. She started Year 9 this September at a new school and is thriving.
  • Nicholas was going to spend 6 months in London with his family while his father worked here on business. The parents deemed it was too short a time to place him in a school so asked for a tutor to work with him to cover the curriculum and to introduce project work to widen and enhance his learning experience. Nicholas is greatly enjoying the lessons and looking at areas that are completely new to him.
  • Emma had to take time away from school due to family issues in Year 11. As this was such a vital time in her studies, her parents arranged tutoring for the periods she was at home so she could keep on top of her work. She excelled with the one-to-one support and not only kept up to speed with her peers, but achieved better grades at GCSE that she was first predicted.
  • David fell ill in the last year of school so did very badly in his A levels. His family asked if we could home school him in his three subjects to allow him to retake the exams the following summer. We arranged four hours a week of tuition in each subject which allowed him to go back over the material he had already learnt, but also gave him the time to do extension work and become a stronger student. Having time at home also allowed him to make a full recovery from his illness. He is now studying an undergraduate degree at a Russell Group university.

We have a host of accolades from students and their families who we have helped through what can be a difficult time.

Do call us on 020 7584 5355 or email us to discuss your needs further.

We can organise tutors:

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For a few hours outside London

On a residential basis in the UK and abroad