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Fees: Home Schooling

Introduction Fee per Tutor Engaged  OC Total
Introduction Fee £45£45
Introduction Fee (for next working day’s tuition) £75£75
Home Schooling Tuition in London Tutor OC Total
With an Endorsed Tutor   
Hourly Rate – 1:1 (Monday to Friday)£50£15£65
Hourly Rate – 1:1 (weekend/bank holiday)£55£15£70
Hourly Rate – Group (Monday to Friday)£65£15£80
Hourly Rate – Group (weekend/bank holiday)£70£15£85
Hourly Rate – Online/telephone (Monday to Sunday)£45£15£60
Hourly Rate – Online group/telephone (Monday to Sunday)£60£15£75
Hourly Rate – Marking/emailing work (Monday to Sunday)£45£15£60
With a Career Tutor   
Hourly Rate – 1:1 (Monday to Sunday)£55£15£70
Hourly Rate – Group (Monday to Sunday)£70£15£85
Hourly Rate – Online/telephone (Monday to Sunday)£50£15£65
Hourly Rate – Online group/telephone (Monday to Sunday)£65£15£80
Hourly Rate – Marking/emailing work (Monday to Sunday)£50£15£65
Home Schooling on a Residential Basis Tutor OC Total
Fees start from:   
Hourly rate (minimum 4 hours per day)£60£15£75
Please contact the office for more details   
Home Schooling Tuition outside London (Minimum of 2 hours)TutorOCTotal
With an Endorsed Tutor   
Monday to Friday: £65 per hour, plus £30 travel time allowance, plus travel expenses£50£15£65
Weekend/Bank Holidays: £70 per hour, plus £30 travel time allowance, plus travel expenses£55£15£70
With a Career Tutor   
Monday to Sunday: £70 per hour, plus £40 travel time allowance, plus travel expenses£55£15£70

Endorsed Tutors and Career Tutors.

Endorsed Tutors: whilst most of them have been with us for some years now, others have been recruited recently. What unites them is that their passion for tutoring on the side of other activities such as writing, studying, acting or working  because they have a talent for their subject and find tutoring a rewarding experience. We will have interviewed each of them face to face and one-to-one, followed up two references for them, ensured they have a current DBS and met them again at our induction session. Nearly every tutor we take on now has some tutoring experience already so we are very comfortable recommending them to you.

Career Tutors: a concept we introduced in 2012; we now have 85 of them on our books. These are tutors who have been with OC for more than three years (though half of them have been with us for much longer than this, some since 2000!), receive constant outstanding feedback and most importantly have decided to commit to tutoring for the foreseeable future. Some of them tutor full time while others tutor alongside studying or working, but what unites them is their experience and excellent reputation combined with their dedication to teaching and supporting students in the long term.

Out of London Tuition
If you live outside London, you need to book a minimum of 2 hours of tuition (but you can book 3 or 4 hours, too) in order to make the trip viable for the tutor.

As well as paying for the tutor’s travel expenses for the journey to your home and back (be that by train or by car at 30p per mile), these placements incur a travel time allowance to compensate the tutor for the time they spend travelling out of and back into London.

Residential Tuition
A minimum of 2 days must be booked for a residential placement. The tutor must teach for a minimum of 4 hours per day.

You are asked to provide bed and board for the time the tutor stays with you, as well as pay for a return journey to and from the tutor’s home to the place of tuition. If a tutor is placed in a self-catering apartment or a hotel, then a food allowance should be provided. For placements abroad, the client is asked to cover the cost of the tutor’s travel insurance as well as a travel visa where necessary.