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Educational Consultancy


Over the years we have built up a strong, extensive network of educational professionals who advise on schools placements and university choices. We also work with educational psychologists who can assess and support children with special needs. If we are not able to help you with a query, we will easily be able to recommend someone who can.

These professionals also refer families to us if they feel the support of a tutor is necessary. Together we have helped hundreds of students over the years to find their feet and succeed academically and emotionally.

Here are a few of the consultants with whom we work:


Richard Northey

Richard Northey

When our clients need advice about schools, we introduce them to Richard Northey of The Education Consultancy. Richard has worked with hundreds of clients, both UK nationals and families from abroad, placing children into both nurseries and schools. He delivers a high level of personal service and offers individual solutions to meet the requirements of each family.

Lewis Owens

Dr Lewis Owens

Dr Lewis Owens of Edmission UK advises our clients on higher education. With a dedicated team of highly experienced and qualified educators and advisors, he offers consultancy in every aspect of their application to top UK Universities through UCAS as well as independently for Foundation and Post-Graduate Programmes, including PhDs and MBAs.

Anglia Education Consulting

Anglia Education Consulting

The team at Anglia Education Consulting advise and guide Russian and Eastern European clients on how to go about selecting a British boarding school, college, university or English Language school.

They guide parents through the admissions process and help them and their children understand British traditions and values. Anglia Education Consulting ask us to arrange tuition for their students: first online while students are still in their home countries; followed by revision schedules when students come here for entrance exams and then continued support during their academic studies in the UK.

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