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Helene Jones

Helene Jones

Helene offers individual learning assessments for children aged 4 to 13 and advises parents on how to help boost learning at home. She has almost thirty years of mainstream teaching experience and managed the learning support departments in leading London prep and pre-prep schools including Eaton House the Manor and Wetherby Prep. In addition to her assessment work, she now works part time as a specialist teacher at Eaton House Belgravia. She is a fully qualified educational assessor and is a member (and registered tester) of The British Psychological Society.

Helene is renowned for providing excellent feedback and consultation with parents; discussing fun, interactive and practical ways to help their children. All assessments come with a written summary of scores, strengths and weaknesses and a bespoke list of recommended resources and strategies (with links to purchase these) is provided.

Her broad range of assessments include:
– Reasoning Assessments
– Combined Maths/English/Reasoning Assessments
– Informal Learning Assessments of younger children.
– Exam Focused Learning Assessments (used to help prepare children for the 7+, the 8+ and the 11+)
– Diagnostic Assessments (for example where there are concerns about learning or questions about possible Dyslexia.
– Helene is qualified to recommend Exam Access Arrangements such as extra time or the use of a laptop (where justified)
– Although assessments are best done in person, Helene also frequently does assessments via Skype for pupils all over the UK and the world.

This was a single best dialogue I had with a teacher, ever. Super comprehensive, very pragmatic and actionable. She picked up on smallest of the nuances. And most remarkably, 2 hours worth of mini-tests and Victor was convinced it was… FUN.” Anastasia, May 2018

Stephanie Morrison

Stephanie is a Counselling Psychologist and focuses particularly on difficulties around learning. She incorporates an educational psychologist’s emphasis on cognitive testing within a broader psychological assessment process tailored to the needs of each individual child.

– Cognitive Ability Testing:

Stephanie mainly offers assessments when parents want to get a sense of their child’s overall IQ and areas of strength and weakness so that they can be sure that school is supporting their child in the best way possible. Stephanie offers the Wechsler tests that measure intelligence as reflected in both verbal and non-verbal abilities. These tests provide an in-depth learning profile of areas of strength and difficulty, as well as an overall IQ score; the tests allow parents to ascertain where children are in relation to their peers, as well as giving them a sense of underlying ability and where best to target interventions.

These tests look in depth at verbal comprehension, visual & spatial awareness, fluid reasoning, working memory & processing speed. If performance on any particular index is significantly below average she is able to recommend extra time in examinations.

– Specific Learning Difficulties:
Often,  specific learning difficulties, ADHD and autistic spectrum disorders are associated with a particular profile of WISC results. As such, Stephanie can often say that results strongly indicate the presence of a disorder (particularly AD(H)D along with the Conners test),  but this will usually be formally diagnosed by a paediatrician, psychiatrist or Educational Psychologist.

Educational Psychologists

Educational Psychologists use their training in psychology and knowledge of child development to assess and diagnose a whole range of difficulties children may be having with their learning.  They recommend methods and strategies in partnership with schools, to help a child learn more effectively. Strategies may include specific teaching approaches and resources, behaviour support and improvements to learning environments.
For further full educational and diagnostic assessments please contact us for a list of accredited Educational Psychologists.