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Maciej Jach


Assistant Accountant
(you pronounce his name ‘Ma-Chay’)
Maciej has managed the financial side of OC Tuition since 2011. Making sure both clients and tutors are happy with their bills and payments makes him an indispensable member of the team. In addition his gentle charm and a passion for art and photography fuse to give him a harmonious view on life.

Born…June 1977 (but officially he’s 23)

Formative years spent…in beautiful and historical Gdansk, Poland, where he discovered and further developed his interests in creative writing, drawing and studying languages.

Mind honed at…secondary school in Gdansk (Humanities) followed by University of Gdansk (Marketing and Management).

First job…his ‘debut’ in finance was at the age of 17 when working for a gardening business. Consequently after suffering an allergy attack and calculating what was left of his salary after expenses, he abandoned the idea of committing his entire life to looking after roses and quit.

Since that he has worked…in jobs ranging from a sales advisor in a telecommunications business to an estate agent. In the last few years he has pursued his real calling: ledgers, formulas and spreadsheets.

He’s also…a passionate photographer, painter and finally a laid-back roller blader.

What else…last year Maciej became a member of a local gym and since then, he has to deal with the dilemma ‘to go or not to go’. Surprisingly the ‘to-go’ option nearly always wins…