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Lucy Cawkwell OC Tuition

Lucy Cawkwell

Founder and Managing Director
Lucy Cawkwell has been a part of the tutoring world since her gap year in 1992. Initially as a tutor and then Lucy set about establishing and running OC Tuition. Subsequently there aren’t many tutoring scenarios that Lucy doesn’t have direct experience of. She is extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of her industry. Since then Lucy has developed a reputation for supporting children who find themselves out of the traditional school environment.

While lots of bosses like talking, Lucy likes to listen carefully before launching in. It’s a rare skill and it’s why she is so good at finding great tutors, matching them to the right students and getting fantastic results. In addition Lucy is incredibly discreet. Working with well-known families and students facing all sorts of difficulties, she always maintains strict confidentiality. Lucy is fair, honest, dedicated and will always go the extra mile for her staff, clients and tutors.

Born…13 November 1972

Formative years spent…in London, collecting stamps and playing with Lego.

Mind honed at…Rugby School (A levels in Maths, French and Art) and Edinburgh University (MA Hons in Spanish).

First student…April 1992, tutoring a boy sitting his 13+ Common Entrance exam.

Since that she has taught…over 70 students between the ages of 5 and 18 in French, geography and science in addition to maths and English. For the past few years Lucy has focused on teaching maths. Before setting up OC Tuition she tutored families living in France and Chile. Many of the students Lucy has worked with have been dyslexic and dyspraxic. So although not being special-needs qualified, she has a good understanding of teaching methods that may help students with learning differences.

She’s also…worked at an orphanage in Mexico for six months; been an au pair in France and taught English in Colombia with the British Council. Lucy also assisted in a special needs school for a term and worked in the summer camp kindergarten at an American school.

What else…Lucy is on the board of governors for a primary academy in Shepherd’s Bush. She is a keen swimmer and London’s slowest cyclist; hopeless at cooking, but particularly talented at cleaning. Lucy and her husband have two little boys.