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Holly Dinsdale

Social Media Coordinator & Administrator
Holly’s teaching qualification meant she hit the ground running when she started with OC in 2012. After three years of tweeting and blogging alongside working as a consultant, she has perfected her social media skills. Therefore Holly is now focusing on this side of the business keeping everyone up to date through our social networks.

Born…October 1985

Formative years spent…in South West London with her cat, drawing pictures and reading The Chronicles of Narnia.

Mind honed at…Elliott School (A levels in English Literature, Fine Art and Product Design) and University of the Arts London (BA Hons in Graphic and Media Design: Illustration).

First student…October 2009, teaching a Fashion Illustration module at the University of Hertfordshire.

Since that she has taught…over 300 students between the ages of 11 and 18 whilst undertaking a Secondary Art and Design PGCE. She has taught Art History and the arts ranging from painting, sculpture and printmaking from Year 7 to GCSE and A Level groups. Many of her students had special educational needs, so she has a good understanding of how to plan diverse work for these groups.

She’s also…worked at a public library running a teenage reading group and summer reading events. Holly has also taught PSHE lessons to a boisterous Year 7 tutor group and dressed up in funny costumes to teach Art History. Finally, one of her greatest achievements was successfully navigating 60 students across London on the Tube without losing any of them!

What else…Holly is an avid walker and often walks part of her daily commute to avoid the crowds. Her favourite hike ever was up and down Snowdonia on a family holiday. An unabashed passion for sunshine has seen her visit America, Africa and Europe in the last few years.